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Featured Technology

BC Comfort is pleased to feature informative videos that are helping to shape the future of buildings.

Building Analytics

In this video, you’ll discover the benefits of Building Analytics.

SmartStrucxure Lite

In this video, you’ll discover how to make your building smarter, more efficient and sustainable.

Building Automation Systems

In this video, you’ll gain an overview of the benefits of Building Automation Systems, implemented for a group of new offices in Montreal.

Plastic Grease Trap

Did you know that a high quality, well designed grease trap can improve the overall environmental performance of commercial kitchen facilities and restaurants by reducing the levels of solid organic waste, grease and fats from discharging into the local sewer system?

In this video, you’ll see a great demonstration of how a steel grease interceptor is installed.

Room Controllers

In this video, you’ll learn how room controllers improve energy efficiency and optimize comfort without compromising your bottom line. Easy to install and commission, room controllers provide smart energy management in any size building.