Project Details

Address: 1200 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC

Project Information: Installation of a Direct Digital Control (DDC) system.

Completion date: 2019

Project Type: Automation Systems Upgrade

Mechanical Consultant: BC Comfort

Previous System Description: 1200 Lonsdale Ave was running on heat pumps loops that were controlled by and existing Exeter control panel. There was an additional Honeywell controller to control the cooling tower fan speed. Because the system was controlled by multiple controller that were unable to communicate with each other, the system was not meeting the client’s expectations. Upgrading the system would prove to be a challenge as the building is occupied and there had to be minimum downtime for tenants. The existing installation also had no wiring diagram, so our team had to trace the wires to determine how to replace the system.

New System Description: BC Comfort installed Schneider Electric’s Building Expert Direct Digital Control (DDC) System to replace both the existing Exeter and Honeywell panels. The new system is equipped with an easy-to-operate front-end HMI panel and wifi access. All loop temperatures, loop pumps operations, heating and cooling stages are now trend logged and easily accessible via the panel for analysis and troubleshooting. The DDC system can also be accessed remotely and can send out email notifications if configured and connected to the internet. BC Comfort also provided the client with a wiring diagram as part of the installation package.

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